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Wrap R 01 holograpic 05

Пленка R 01 голография 05
$6.99 USD
Full description

One package is designed for 22 nails (different sizes).

  • Does not require heating. Aplication to the clean or polished nail due to the adhesive layer.
  • Compatible with all types of Gel polish. Longlasting wear time.
  • To remove Gel polish or change design - just peel off the film together with coating, no mills or solvents needed.

Application Rules

  1. Trim film that way it will be slightly smaller than the size of your nail to avoid overlapping on the skin/nail edges.
  2. Peel away the film from the backing paper. Place onto buffed and clean nail or colored nail. Press film onto nail stepping away 1 mm from cuticle. Firmly smooth the film down the center of the nail toward the tip, and the sides from the center and toward the edges.
  3. File the excessive film, using a downward motion to avoid film lifting.
  4. Cure in UV or LED lamp.

Lift up protective film using orange tree stick and peel it off. For easier peel-off soak stick in acetone.